Eating Out Restaurant Review: Island Market, Trigg offers more than stunning ocean views

I have often wondered, when it comes to successful restaurants and cafes, what is the outcome of luck and what is well-deserved praise?

There was a meme from the satirical geniuses of Betoota Advocate this weekend titled “Cafe with a perfect place by the beach not even trying to be good” which, judging by the 47,000 likes, not to mention comment “@every cafe in Perth by the beach”, many diners agreed with.

There are places I can think of along the Perth coast, without naming names yet, which without their scenic views and close-knit community regulars wouldn’t be in business had they opened in the suburbs.


Even Australia’s best beachside perch, the Bondi Icebergs Club, relies heavily on its famous backdrop, as my $27 Chicken Parmigiana or overpriced drinks weren’t too memorable.

However, some are very good.

Sitting in a warm and cozy island market on the weekend, watching the groms paddling in the waves while their parents looked on in puffer jackets and beanies, I looked around the elegant dining room at the table of Happy diners and I thought Betoota’s lawyer wasn’t always right.

Camera iconIsland Market, Trigg. Credit: Justin BensonCooper/western australia

Island Market is not resting on its laurels. It constantly changes or tweaks its menu, employs an impressive staff, or does exciting collaborations to keep it fresh. Even the shirts the waiters wore looked like something you’d pick up at a Northbridge shop.

Despite a full house, the service was prompt and friendly on the weekends, as was a well deserved coffee. The oatmeal cappuccinos were as good as it gets, the right temperature and a good dose of local Five Senses coffee.

The breakfast menu is a mix of classic brunch dishes sprinkled with Middle Eastern flavors — dates with banana bread or honey labneh with muesli — along with some more unique ones.

Batata harra—spicy potato and spinach omelette, goat feta, and pita ($22.50)—was a hearty, hearty dish that I’m coming back to order again.

Batata harra – spicy potato and spinach omelette, goat feta and pita ($22.50)
Camera iconBatata harra – spicy potato and spinach omelette, goat feta and pita ($22.50) Credit: Jade Jurewicz

Didn’t have much spice in the potatoes or omelette, but it was full of feta and spinach, delicious when sautéed inside the pita with the dill and the parsley.

For the most part, I live vicariously through foodie people, my fellow food critic Kate Emery being one of them, as my sugar craving pops up maybe twice a year.

Waffle and fresh raspberries, berry and rose curd, pistachio and ashta cream ($21.50)
Camera iconWaffle and fresh raspberries, berry and rose curd, pistachio and ashta cream ($21.50) Credit: Jade Jurewicz

After taking a bite, maybe four, of the waffle and creme fraiche of raspberry, berry and rose, pistachio and ashta ($21.50), I can definitely see why people start their day with high sugar.

It was sweet but not too much, with the tartness of the raspberries and waffle complementing the sweetness of the other elements. My partner enjoyed it so much he scraped every last bit of goodness off the plate.

island market

Address: 364 West Coast Drive, Trigg

The verdict: The beach-side restaurant is popular for a reason. The service is excellent, as is the well-thought-out menu and the dishes full of flavor, and the view is also a winner.

Evaluation: 8/10

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