Eating Out restaurant review: Emily Taylor in Fremantle brings the spice and summer vibes

We rarely celebrate uncomfortable feelings, but after years in Perth, I’ve never been happier to experience the post-holiday blues.

This week, I took a break to look longingly at photos from recent vacations to dine at Emily Taylor’s in Fremantle.

I had already had an unforgettable experience there in the summer. We had some Asian fusion food that I have been craving ever since, as well as one of the friendliest servers I have encountered in Perth.

It left a delicious taste in my mouth.

Emily Taylor also has a vacation vibe, the spacious courtyard dotted with colorful umbrellas and a frangipani tree that transports you to a tropical destination without having to worry about losing your luggage.

Camera iconEmily Taylor at Warders Hotel, Fremantle Credit: Dion Robeson/west

The same outdoor space is well-equipped for the cooler months, with plush blankets and heaters to battle Doctor Freo.

The simple menu lists dumplings, rolls and bites as well as stocks and two roast duck options.

With (morbidly) duck pancakes high on his list for death row dining, my dining partner was over the moon when they sat down to eat.

Luckily, I was able to put one together before he devoured the batch, and it was a delicious take on the popular dish ($39), with tender, crispy-skinned duck, savory sweet sauces, and a crepe which contained all the ingredients like a big hug.

PerthNow Review, Emily Taylor Fremantle: Duck Pancakes ($39)
Camera iconPerthNow Review, Emily Taylor Fremantle: Duck Pancakes ($39) Credit: Jade Jurewicz

Geraldton Kingfish Dried in Coconut Water Vinegar, Fresh Coconut, Chilli and Crispy Taro ($24) delivers on the promised coconut flavors plus a subtle kick of chilli and zing from the vinegar.

The fish itself was sliced ​​wide and thick which was welcome as it had a nice plump texture and tasted so light and fresh.

Shark Bay’s scallop meatballs with cucumber, xo chili and red yuzu ($19) were a trio of big, plump, mouth-watering chunks. The seafood was juicy and fresh, but the diced vegetables on top didn’t provide enough difference in texture or flavor between the scallop and dumpling skin. Drizzling a little chili oil on the duck pancakes, however, elevated it.

The Crispy Brussels Sprouts ($20) were a disappointment of the night. Instead of the promised crunch, they were mostly crunchy and undercooked, although the spicy sauce and sesame seed crunch was tasty.

Although Emily Taylor didn’t hit the heights on my first visit, she still serves up delicious food with exceptional service and feels like an escape from WA, even for a few hours.

Emily Taylor

19-29 Henderson Street, Fremantle

PerthNow Review, Emily Taylor Fremantle: Scallop Dumplings ($19)
Camera iconPerthNow Review, Emily Taylor Fremantle: Scallop Dumplings ($19) Credit: Jade Jurewicz

Monday-Sunday, 11am-9pm

CONTACT or 9239 3300




An elegant venue with a courtyard that feels a bit like a tropical vacation. The service is friendly and very efficient, the food is generally well prepared and full of flavor, and the drinks are a range of fun cocktails and an extensive wine list with options from around the world.


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