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A picture really is worth a thousand words. You’ll know that just by looking at the photos our photographer captured of food at Deans in Perth that can be found in this review.

It was their photos on their website and their Instagram page that first sold me the restaurant. I was scouring Google for somewhere to eat in town when I saw some terrific food. The kind that makes you stop dead and assess every little detail.

Finesse, elegance and creativity. I could tell these dishes were bragging about it.

What Google failed to show me is how vastly different the interior is. I believe current head chef Jamie Deans had something to do with it.

Stepping into his father’s shoes, Jamie took his family’s first business on Kinnoull Street to the next level.

Outside Deans restaurant in Perth. Photos by Steve MacDougall/DCT Media.

Deans Restaurant

It was a miserable Sunday when I visited. I had booked online the day before and made a reservation for noon, just as the place was opening. My boyfriend and I were returning from a trip to Dunkeld and their Sunday brunch menu, two courses for 22.50 and three courses for 28.50, caught my eye.

I phoned ahead to let them know we were 10 minutes late which didn’t seem like a problem. When we arrived we were greeted by an energetic and charismatic character who I later discovered was bartender Zack.

Inside the beautiful restaurant which is newly decorated.

He grabbed a few menus and guided us through the beautiful restaurant. There are lots of rich, deep pinks, peaches, and reds, with faux greenery, black-and-white imagery, mirrored details, and Scottish artwork lining the walls.

Calum and I were seated away from the entrance where the bar was and were the second table.

The decor of the main restaurant space is lovely.

The menu was different from what was printed online and off the venue, but there were still plenty, if not too many, of the dishes we were keen to try.

We ordered two soft drinks and tap water for the table while we browsed through the options.

Calum had the baked two cheese soufflé in mind when I couldn’t see past the seared king scallops, although the saffron and chicken arancini and smoked fish and prawn cocktail sounded sublime.

The bar on entering the restaurant is an ideal space for a drink.

For main I surprised myself and ordered the Orkney Roast Beef (something I wouldn’t usually have as I’m not a big fan of roast) and Calum opted for the main course of fish – fried cod fillet.

After receiving our drinks and placing our order, we had time to take in the surroundings, as well as finding a mural that is behind the bathroom door. The ladies’ interior is also a sight to behold, with shimmering ball mirror detailing and dried flowers all playing their part in the aesthetic.

The food

We got free bread. Madras sourdough and a number of white fennel. Both were served with a lightly whipped, silky salted butter. They were hot and the white was particularly milky. Shortly after, our starters arrived.

Two works of art in themselves, our server poured a whiskey cream over Calum’s soufflé with MacSween’s haggis and mashed potatoes and a dashi broth over my daikon radish noodles.

The magnificent scallop starter was cooked to perfection.

The soufflé was very light but the cheese flavor was strong and very forgiving. He was sitting on a round haggis that was perfectly peppery and the mound of mash was salty, but smooth, and melted in his mouth.

As for the sauce, it was sweet and contained small pieces of onion. Tried together, the elements sang in harmony.

My scallops, which were an extra £6, also came with mussels and arenkha caviar. The umami flavors went wonderfully with the sweet and delectable scallops and every bite was as good as the last. I could have licked the bowl clean.

The scallop starter being plated.

I was intrigued by the dry ice cocktails that Deans is well known for and ordered the Love of is in The Air – a Bombay Gin based drink with orange juice, grenadine, juice lime, Chambord and cotton candy.

Priced at £12.50, it was more expensive than the others. From what I could see, there was no cotton candy, but that didn’t make it any less impressive as the dry ice bubbled up and flew into a flask in front of me. The bartender had served a non-alcoholic version to a child at the next table who loved the theater.

The grenadine in it was quite poignant and overwhelming, which I think killed any flavor of alcohol. To finish it was garnished with strawberries, edible flowers, a slice of lemon and half a passion fruit.

‘Love of is in the Air cocktail’ is one of the drinks on the dry ice menu.

The main courses followed shortly after the cocktail quit and both looked just as appealing as the starters.

Calum immediately dove into his cod with pesto mashed potatoes, fennel shavings, kafir lime oil and sun blush tomato velouté.

The fish was wet and crumbled when he cut it. The bed of potatoes was chewy while the fennel was pickled and the kale leaves added a bit of crunch. The tomato based sauce was slightly creamy with a sweetness and tangy flavor.

Pan-fried cod fillet with pesto mashed potatoes, grated fennel, kafir lime oil and sun blush tomato velouté.

My three slices of beef were cooked just right. Rare in the middle and average on the outskirts. On the edges there was crispy beef which I loved the crunch.

Supporting the local is something Jamie is passionate about, so it was nice to see good quality produce gracing every plate.

The two pieces of cauliflower cheese were topped with the most beautiful truffle crumbs and there was plenty of red wine sauce.

A large Yorkshire pudding, which was crisp around the edges and light and fluffy, sat on the plate, as did broccoli, roast tatties, mashed potatoes and small pieces of chopped boiled carrots.

We should have stopped here, but the desserts looked too tempting.

Perthshire strawberry dessert.

I knew Calum would love the banoffee parfait, so I ordered it for him and a coffee, and took the Perthshire strawberry waiter’s suggestion over chocolate chips and Cointreau bread and butter pudding.

A big scoop of salted caramel ice cream was placed on top of the parfait sprinkled with white chocolate crumbs. Four pieces of caramel popcorn and honeycomb were placed around and brought a crunchy chewiness to the mix.

My dish was incredibly fresh with a nest of pistachio meringue and a basil and lime sorbet. It was more salty than sweet, and while the ice cream could have easily been overpowered, the strawberry coulis fought that off, as did the berries.

Small basil leaves were sprinkled around the sweet meringue and it wasn’t until indulging in dessert that I realized how busy the restaurant had become.

We couldn’t stomach anything else so we paid our dues and took the tablet that came with the takeaway coffee.

Calum enjoyed a coffee with a Scottish tablet.

The verdict

You can tell from the dishes alone that Jamie and his team are constantly pushing gastronomic boundaries. Her creative spirit is beautifully captured in every plate, and the balance of flavors is a dance not to be missed.

Although there is some mystery in this place with outdated menus online, the real magic happens here both in the kitchen and in front of the house.

I can’t say enough good things about our servers for their level of service, and it was great to see a more food-focused restaurant also offer coloring activities for kids who graced their venue.

I also think their Sunday two and three course offering is exceptional value and I strongly encourage you to try the roast – it’s very photogenic, that’s for sure.


Address: 77-79 Kinnoull Street, Perth PH1 5EZ

P: 01738 643377


Price: £87.50


  • Food: 5/5
  • Performance: 5/5
  • Surroundings: 5/5

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