Demand Soars With Summer, Beer Supply Issues Hit Town | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: Several major brands of beer have been in short supply in bars, restaurants and out-of-stores in Kolkata as its demand peaks with the onset of summer. Supply for some popular brands such as Tuborg, Carlsberg and Kingfisher has dwindled to a trickle due to ‘logistical bottlenecks’ triggered by a return to private alcohol distribution in the state, sources say. Of the industry. This coincided with a sudden surge in demand, they said.
Some restaurants have complained that beer sales have fallen by almost half due to the non-availability of major brands. A restaurant owner said supply of the three top-selling brands had been slow in recent weeks. “With the absence of their favorite brands, most have either abstained from drinking or ordered hard liquor. But with the temperature rising, beer has no real substitute for many. loss for us,” he said.

The supply of some brands of beer has been slow but they have not disappeared, said the chairman of the Association of Hotel and Restaurant Owners of East India (HRAEI), Sudesh Poddar. Several restaurants on Park Street felt the pinch. “Several brands are unavailable leaving visitors disappointed. Some have a preference for certain brands in particular, but are now content with other brands. We hope the supply will normalize soon,” restaurateur Nitin Kothari said. The sudden surge in demand has contributed to the slowdown in supply, said Pratap Daryanani, owner of Oasis. “There was an overnight switch to beer due to the weather,” he added.
The peak beer season in Bengal is from March to June, during which nearly 6 million cases are sold out of an annual sales volume of 10 million cases. “There has been a sudden increase in demand over the past 10 days. The distribution system is currently undergoing a change, with private distributors being allowed to re-enter the system. We expect things to calm down over the next week,” an industry source said. In 2017, West Bengal State Beverages Corporation (BEVCO) was established by the state government to act as the sole intermediary between suppliers and retailers. Now 13 private distributors are inducted for distribution.
The liquor store owner said with rising mercury, more than 60% of customers are buying beer. “We only have a few cans of the strong variety left,” said a liquor store owner at the Esplanade.

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