Cú restaurant review: Lucky taco on this Mexican restaurant

635 Lisburn Road, Belfast


Tel: 028 9590 3582

HAVING had a severe case of revenge from Montezuma the last time I ate Mexican food, it was with some hesitation that I prepared to fight again with tacos and tortillas.

Since opening on Belfast’s hip Lisburn Road in 2021, Cú has been making Mexican waves on the city’s food scene and I couldn’t wait to see what it was all about.

Upon entering the restaurant there is a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere.

My partner and I had our toddler son with us and the staff were very accommodating and patient with a curious little boy who refuses to sit still for very long.

After setting it up for a few precious minutes, we got stuck in ordering and decided to go for a selection of tapas style food.


Tortilla chips and guacamole from Cú

Tortilla chips and guacamole from Cú

From the starters, we opted for the tortilla chips and herb guacamole as well as the beef croquettes served with feta cheese, marinated chilli and cucumber and a birria glaze.

The homemade tortilla chips were crunchy and flavorful and a big hit with our little one while the guac was hearty and fragrant.

Beef croquette balls made a plate of delicious food. The juicy and tender shredded beef inside was complemented by the more indulgent glaze and pickled greens.

Cú’s main event is their tacos and they have a fantastic selection of lamb, beef and seafood shoulders as well as adobo cauliflower and chickpeas.

We opted for three different types to share – beef, shrimp and squid tacos. First up were the garlic shrimp tacos with pickled cabbage, pineapple salsa, and salsa taquero. The meaty and juicy prawns were a delight with the flavor of the garlic that went well with the sharpness of the pickled cabbage and pineapple.

These were followed by crispy calamari tacos with candied lemon mayo, pickled chili, crispy onion and salsa roja. The calamari pieces were perfectly cooked, slightly firm but tender flesh with a delicious coating.

Finally, we scoffed at our beef birria, pickled peppers and onions, pico de gallo and cream of avocado. Sometimes the beef tacos can be a little dry or chewy, but there were no such issues here with tender strips of meat deliciously dressed in pickled vegetables and luxurious avocado cream.

As we made our way through the triumphant trio of tacos, our son quietly munched on his tortilla chips as well as a side of potatoes.

After stuffing our faces and washing it all down with the weird margarita, it was time for dessert and we had two courses to share.

I chose the orange chocolate tart with blood orange gel and orange sorbet while my partner opted for pistachio and white chocolate ice cream accompanied by whipped cream and a crumble.

The ice cream was so delicately prepared that it almost looked like ice cream, with the crumble providing important texture.

The chocolate and orange tart was a serious treat. The dense slab of chocolate with a crumbled base was a real decadent luxury and a lovely way to end a very enjoyable meal.


Cú pistachio ice cream

Cú pistachio ice cream

Cú pistachio ice cream

The food

Beef croquettes 9€

Guacamole €6.50

Birra Beef Tacos £10

Crispy calamari tacos £10

Octopus tacos £10

Romesco potatoes £7.50

Cocktails x4 €31.50

Pacifico beer £5

Chocolate tart 7€

Pistachio ice cream €7.50
TOTAL £104


Service *****

Food *****

Decor ***

Vegetarian ****

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