Cost of living crisis hits Coventry restaurant supply chain

The Coventry restaurant co-owner says the cost of living crisis is forcing him to watch orders as prices for goods have risen. Leigh Adams, who works as a chef at the Artisan Bar and Grill in Ryley Street, said the crisis was having an impact on food prices but it was too early to say whether it was having an effect on what people spend.

Mr Adams said the number of people coming in had fallen and people were spending less in the hospitality sector. But it could be a hangover from the Covid-19 pandemic, he added.

He said: “It’s hard to tell if this is a remnant of Covid-19 or if it’s the cost of living crisis. However, the price of a bag of apples of land has increased by 30% since the start of the year, so unless we keep an eye on each invoice, there could be problems.”

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He also notes that people are spending less than before and ordering less food when eating out. He said: “As well as the decline in bookings, there has also been a decline in what people are spending.

“Before the lockdown, people used to have a three-course dinner with wine. Now it’s more likely to be two courses without wine.”

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