Completion of Tennessee State Veterans Home in Cleveland delayed by supply chain issues

Supply chain issues put the $47.9 million Tennessee State Veterans’ Home in Cleveland, Tennessee, about a month behind its hoped June 30 completion date, and about 60 people are already on the roster waiting, according to state officials.

“We anticipate construction to be substantially complete around July 30,” Tennessee Department of General Services spokeswoman Michelle Brinson said via email. “Unfortunately, we continue to experience supply chain issues, which have impacted our progress in several critical areas,” Brinson said. “We are working closely with the contractor to meet these challenges. We remain hopeful that without any further issues, we can meet the July 30 date.”

The 108-bed “modern-rustic” single-story home on nearly 28 acres on Westland Drive is a short drive from Cleveland and Chattanooga Medical Centers and offers private rooms with shared common areas featuring stone fireplaces. stone up to the ceiling and comfortable dining areas. A state-of-the-art therapeutic gym and courtyards with views of a wooded ridge and old farm pasture are among its features.

There are six homes made up of 18 bedrooms each, and the homes share common areas, according to officials with the Tennessee State Veterans’ Homes Board.

The houses are connected in a duplex configuration with common areas shared by both houses within each duplex.

Residents of the house share a small kitchen area called a “server” where food from the community center’s main kitchen is served. A dining room is on each side of the service, and there are large two-sided fireplaces in each of the living rooms which separate the living room from the dining room.

Each duplex will be serviced by a neighborhood hub containing support spaces such as a kitchen, medicine rooms, clean and dirty laundry rooms, staff lockers and staff offices, officials said.

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The community center includes a reception, great hall, bistro, therapeutic gym, hair/beauty salon, chapel, activity room and support services such as laundry and main kitchen, officials said. Staff offices and a conference room are also located in the community center.

Outdoor spaces include a covered outdoor kitchen, a therapeutic path with several walking surfaces and an outdoor dining area adjoining the bistro. Each duplex has a furnished outdoor courtyard, officials said.

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Tennessee State Veterans Home in Cleveland is experiencing supply chain issues

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Officials broke ground on Aug. 21, 2019, with the home funded in part by a $30.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs approved by the state building commission, officials said. The state invested $10 million in the project, the City of Cleveland and Bradley County each donated more than $2 million, and an anonymous donation of $3 million supplemented local fundraising by the Southeast Tennessee Veterans Home Council.


For those interested in learning more about how to get on the waiting list for the new Tennessee State Veterans’ Home in Cleveland, Tennessee, go to and fill out the waiting list request form. ‘waiting. Once the form is completed, a representative from Tennessee State Veterans’ Homes will contact you to officially add the name to the waiting list. Please note that being on the waiting list does not guarantee admission to the home.

Source: Tennessee State Veterans Homes

The families of Steve Williams, Thomas Williams and Robert Wright donated the land for the facility in 2010. Nearly 50,000 veterans live in the six-county area served by the Cleveland home.

“I am pleased to see that construction continues to progress,” the state’s veterans home executive director Ed Harries said in an emailed statement. “Our team continues to prepare for the opening of the house and we hope to begin recruiting nurses in the coming weeks. We look forward to having a beautiful new facility for veterans in Southeast Tennessee to receive the care they deserve.”

Local veterans are already looking for space, according to state spokeswoman Melanie Cook.

“We currently have about 60 people on the waiting list,” Cook said in an email Wednesday.

“Those interested in being added to the waitlist can go to our website at and fill out the waitlist request form,” she said. “Once the form is completed, a representative from Tennessee State Veterans Homes will contact them to officially add them to the waiting list.”

Those seeking a place on the list should be aware that being added to the waiting list does not guarantee admission to the house, Cook said.

Eligibility is based on a few factors.

“The person should be considered to be in need of a nursing home level of care. This is determined by the person’s doctor and our clinical team,” she said. “They must also be an honorably discharged veteran or a gold star spouse/parent of an honorably discharged veteran.”

The person seeking a place in the home must also meet at least one of the following conditions:

– Resident of Tennessee at the time of admission.

— Veteran born in Tennessee.

— Joined the United States Armed Forces in Tennessee.

– The Tennessee address is the official home of record on the veteran’s military record.

– Has an immediate family member who is the primary caregiver and who resides in Tennessee.

Cook said veterans and their families should understand that even when the project is substantially complete on July 30, the facility will not begin admissions immediately.

“We still have a long way to go before we can welcome our first residents,” she said.

The house’s remaining to-do list will include hiring and training staff, security inspections, move-in, furniture and other final details, she said.

“Once we have a grand opening date, it will be announced publicly,” she said.

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