Changing Mask Guidelines / Bangor Pakistani Restaurant Closing / Stonington Water Supply

today is Tuesday.. Temperatures will be in the high 30s to 30s from north to south with winds making skies much colder and sunny and a chance of late snow across the state. Here’s what we’re talking about in Maine today.

The Maine CDC will report the latest COVID-19 data for the weekend at 9:30 a.m. Check our tracker for more information.

Maine health officials have identified a new “lineage” of the omicron COVID-19 variant called BA.2 in two cases.

New federal guidelines suggest most Americans no longer need to wear masks, but they remain recommended in 13 of Maine’s counties.

MORE: Boston health officials are evaluating lifting mask mandates

The move follows similar bans on Russian-made vodka and spirits in other states and stores are already removing the alcohol from their shelves.

MORE: Maine stores pulled Russian vodka from shelves before Janet Mills asked them to do so

AND: Senator Angus King has warned that Russian leader Vladimir Putin may seek to use even more force against Ukraine when he should be looking for a “way out” after crippling Western sanctions.

The Ukrainian plane, and the largest plane in the world that Russian troops destroyed over the weekend, has visited Bangor International Airport several times over the years.

MORE: Ukraine retweets Stephen King’s support for his country

There is an emerging trend of seasonal homeowners not turning off their water in the winter and leaving their properties largely unattended.

This follows months of struggles to get bondholders, mostly large investment funds based outside Maine, to agree to the plant’s sale.

Pakistani restaurant Bahaar will have to vacate its Hammond Street location after a district court judge ruled on Monday that owner Paul Cook could terminate his lease.

The decision came after a hearing in which State and Florida’s James Confalone testified in court about timber harvesting and deteriorating conditions at the ski resort.

Known as the “black store” theory, the argument made by retailers is that their open and bustling stores are equivalent to those that failed and closed.

Holiday, a yellow Labrador, is trained to comfort people facing traumatic experiences.

Maine children who report sexual abuse are only asked to tell their story once, to a trained forensic investigator who has experience talking to children about difficult things.

The Black Bears are 3-3 in their last six games and need to play better than they have to win four regional titles in a row.

There isn’t more to Maine than cast iron.

In other Maine news…

Troy Jackson is convinced that the bill to save the homes of veterans Machias and Caribou will pass

Top Democrat hits state for ‘behind-the-scenes games’ on future of Kennebec Dam

A fire tears apart a building with several businesses and apartments in downtown Fort Kent

UMaine men’s basketball will play a game in London next season

Susan Collins cites lack of religious protections in opposing Democratic abortion bill

Search continues for Midcoast man missing for 10 days

State panel that oversees criminal defense attorneys for indigent clients prepares to be sued

Subpoenas will speed Maine investigation into national conservative group

Over $10,000 worth of gear was stolen from Portland-based band The Ghost of Paul Revere

Feds reportedly pay Orono’s mother $10 million after clinic fails to tell her about infant son abuse

10-year-old girl injured in snowmobile accident released from Portland hospital

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