Causeway restaurant manager doesn’t know what impact the new Bayway Bridge will have on business

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – As plans move forward to build the new Bayway Bridge, a company on the causeway is unsure how it will affect them.

The causeway is one of the free options along with the Bankhead and Wallace Tunnels and the Africatown Bridge that will be available to motorists looking to avoid the $2.50 toll.

There will also be an unlimited usage option for $40 per month. The money from the tolls will be used to finance the project.

Jim Harrison, of Oyster House, said he wasn’t sure how this would change his business on the pavement, but he expected it to affect his employees.

“You’re going to see a significant amount of traffic that gets saved there. It’s going to drive leaving earlier at the end of the day. For sure that’s something we need, but from a financially for our hourly employees, it’s probably going to be a bit difficult,” Harrison said.

It’s not finalized yet, but the presidents of the Metropolitan and East Rim planning organizations will continue to meet and possibly vote on the plan this summer.

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