Especially after a good, hard, long day at work.
I called a restaurant to order takeout food. This is after the maximum went down and would start spinning the shuttles. I didn’t wait and found another way to get to the restaurant which was a little frustrating but less than waiting like hundreds of other people.
To hell with this shit.
There was some frustration walking, but its exercise even after a hard day’s work already on my feet.
My rerouting also worked just as timely. Yay.
The restaurant said they would have my order in 10-15 minutes.
I show up in 20 minutes.
Orders not ready, they say to wait 10 min.
I’m like come on, what did I call it then?
She’s like, it’s up to you.
No, it’s like it’s up to you. How about keeping your part of this fair transaction!
You weren’t even busy.
Thanks for the disappointment.