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Jasmin Sahr, left, is the new owner of the Cabin Coffee restaurant in Blue Earth, since March 1. She has been the manager since it opened.

Blue Earth’s branch of Cabin Coffee has been keeping area residents happy and caffeinated since March 2021.

A year later, John Huisman, the company’s current owner, is delighted to announce its impending sale to current manager Jasmin Sahr.

“My intention was never to run the business for the long term, but rather to bring an established business to Blue Earth,” says Huisman.

Following the signing of a final agreement at the end of the month, Sahr will officially become owner/operator of the business on March 1.

Sahr has created an LLC through which it will own and operate Blue Earth’s Cabin Coffee branch: Brighter Days Cafe, LLC.

Although Blue Earth’s Cabin Coffee location is owned by Brighter Days Cafe, LLC, the business will remain part of the Cabin Coffee franchise.

Sahr explains that the name of his company was partially inspired by his experiences at the start of COVID.

“I was the director of adult day services at St. Luke’s before the COVID restrictions came along,”Sahr shares.

“It was very relational”Sahr says of the position, which has facilitated opportunities for residents to experience socialization through specially curated activities and programs.

“Physical touch was a very big part of our programming,”She adds.

Unfortunately, this meant that services had become almost impossible to provide as a result of the pandemic.

“When COVID hit, it was clear that things would never be the same again,”Sahr remembers. She found herself looking for a new job.

It was also during this time that Sahr found herself often referring to “better days” to come. His hopes literally came true, and two years later the phrase became the title of his own company.

Sahr’s entry into the world of cafe management was almost as unexpected for her as the pandemic itself.

Sahr recalls receiving an unexpected phone call in which she was offered a position as manager of Cabin Coffee.

“It (the work) literally fell into my lap”,she says.

It was around June or July 2020.

Since then, Sahr has not regretted his decision to enter the business.

“I fell in love with it. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”says Sahr.

She adds that her favorite part of her job is the interactions she allows with the community, from her team members to her clients.

“It’s a great social outlet”Sahr explains. “It’s so fun to see different people come in.”

She says travelers along I-90 are common, and she’ll often encounter strangers who stop by Cabin Coffee to refresh themselves before continuing on their way.

“(I-90) is a vast land of nothingness, then coffee,”she laughs.

However, she also enjoys her interactions with the people of Blue Earth.

“There is a sense of community”says Sahr. “There are people who gather and talk.”

The community, of course, includes Cabin Coffee staff.

“It’s fun to be part of a team of baristas,”Sahr shares. “Half of them are high schoolers, and that’s a fun age group. We are a great team.

Sahr says she doesn’t plan to make too many changes after taking ownership of the business.

“It will remain essentially the same”,says Sahr.

She does, however, hint at a few exciting things that locals can look forward to.

“We are going to introduce Nitro in March,”Sahr shares.

Nitro cold brew, a cold brew coffee drink infused with nitrogen gas, has recently become popular among coffee lovers.

Sahr endorses the drink itself, saying a cold brew Nitro, with a hot Bellringer, is one of her favorite drinks at Cabin Cafe.

Sahr says new early bird specials will be added to the menu, as well as after school specials for students.

Sahr also announces that Blue Earth’s Cabin Coffee will be hosting an open house on March 12 that will be held from 9-11 a.m.

For now, Sahr plans to maintain the same opening hours. Cabin Coffee is currently open 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, and is closed Sunday.

“It is too early to determine the hours and days”Sahr explains, adding that she would like to hear feedback from the community to determine which schedule would best suit the needs of the community.

No matter what schedule Sahr finds herself in, she will be very busy over the next few months.

In addition to owning her own business, Sahr is also a mother of three, soon to be five children.

Sahr and her husband, Brandon, currently have three children: Ariel, 13, Sawyer, 12, and Lucy, 9.

They are expecting two more children in the coming months, one of whom is a three-year-old they are adopting from Liberia.

Sahr looks forward to merging business and family in the future.

“It really is a family business”she says. “It’s a good opportunity for children to grow up learning the responsibility of running a business.”

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