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MIAMI BEACH, FL. (WSVN) – Police provided fresh insight into the tense moments when a restaurant manager who was beaten in South Beach spoke to responding officers.

Body camera video captures the immediate aftermath of the July 31, 2021 attack, when Miami Beach Police officers responded and addressed victim Wallace Kahn.

The interaction between the officers and the bloodied victim was testy at times.

“You’re the one screaming,” a police officer told Kahn in the body camera video.

Kahn described how he was ambushed by the attackers between Sixth Street and Ocean Drive.

“Three guys hit me from behind,” he told officers.

Kahn said he was targeted while accompanying colleagues to their car.

“My nose is broken bro. I have to go to the hospital,” he told officers.

On Wednesday, 7News showed 7News the newly emerged body cam video.

“The beach was dangerous,” he said.

A witness was seen pointing to people on bicycles who she believed were the ones who pulled up next to Kahn and hit him repeatedly.

As he dabbed his bloody face with a towel, Kahn discussed the matters with officers.

“You know who they are! he told the officers.

The tension between Kahn and the officers was so high that they almost seemed to come to blows at one point.

“You are yelling at us. Don’t talk to me like that,” an officer told Khan.

“Whoa, bro, whoa! said Kahn.

But attention eventually turned to the attacker who was on the run.

“There are about 10 to 15 of them. They run on their bikes,” says a witness.

“Make them [expletive] wheels,” Kahn said.

The victim and witnesses accused a group of bikers from the area. Several of them have been videotaped committing similar crimes over the past two years in Miami and Miami Beach.

Police identified the assailant in the July 2021 beating as Ronald Moss.

He was arrested on January 17, almost five months after the incident. He struck up a friendship, but on Friday he was back behind bars.

Police said Moss was apprehended on written threats to kill or harm another person.

“Now they have it for good,” Kahn said.

Moss’ latest arrest form indicates that his alleged victim was shot in the head, but he has not been charged for the crime.

Police did not respond to 7News’ request for further details.

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