Blog: Nancee Harrison drops truth bombs (4/8/22)

There is NO truth to the rumor that my family is betting on the weight I gained after the holidays. However, it is true that there is something to eat in quaint restaurants on the road.

There is NO truth to the rumor that when I saw my neighbor coming I said “Here is the neighbor and she is bringing more zucchini”. Yes, a zucchini vine produces much of the vegetable. Thank you, we had enough zucchini for this year.

There is some truth to the rumor that cucumbers can keep bees away. At the church festival, a stall had bowls of sliced ​​cucumbers around it and they were never bothered by bees. Since the bees are extremely bad this year, you can only sit outside if you are holding a bowl of cucumbers.

No, I do NOT believe the rumor that chewing gum helps get rid of gophers or moles is true. My sister’s backyard is overloaded with mounds of moles. She’s busy setting traps while her colleagues suggest that chewing gum (and it must be Juicy Fruit) will kill the moles. They say the moles can’t digest it and they will die. It is more than likely that the gum will end up on their small dentures and they can no longer chew.

There is some truth in the rumor that I could use another week off. Along with many Americans, I’m discovering that there’s a name to this post-holiday feeling. It’s called “I need another week to recover from the syndrome”.

Nancee Harrison is a former columnist for the Greene County Daily World. Visit or email her at [email protected] or send your comments to Nancee, Daily World, Box 129 Linton IN 47441.

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