Blog: Easter for adult children (04/14/22)

When I was a kid, Easter was a lot of fun, wasn’t it? Chase eggs filled with prizes, maybe even die from them, go out to see what you have in your Easter basket.

But as we get older, these fun traditions fade. No more candy baskets for the older ones.

This got me thinking, what would even Easter eggs and baskets be filled with for middle schoolers and young adults? So here it is, the official list of Madison’s Musings Easter basket/egg basket ideas for the adult kids in the family that certainly didn’t come from personal experience:

• Tums and Tylenol, because we all seem to have joint pain and bad guts.

• Gas cards or restaurant cards because we are poor and/or cheap.

• Battery. Never know when you’ll need more and they always seem to run out when you need them most.

• Snacks and caffeine. Half of us run on grudges and fumes, or maybe hope and a Starbucks Double Shot or Dr. Pepper.

• A streaming service gift card. Almost everyone has at least one these days, and it’s nice not to have to pay all the time.

• Soft and cozy blankets. Yes, you can have too much, but that doesn’t mean we stop wanting more.

• Small random trinkets, buyer’s choice. Things that you may not think about but that could bring too much joy to the adult child.

I should note that I’m not writing this as a thumbs up to my own family, although it would be kind of funny if it worked. I know they’re going to think this is meant for them, and it’s not (I swear. Don’t look at me like that. I’m serious, I’m just making content here.)

And now that we’re on the subject, don’t limit it to actual children and adults. Everyone deserves something. Even if it’s just a bag of candy, Reese’s Eggs or Peeps, if that’s your style. Or, go wild and get this chocolate bunny. The solid, not the hollow. You deserve it.

Happy Easter everyone.

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