Big Wreck singer marries music marketing executive

When Tyler Tasson met Ian Thornley, the first thing she thought was, “Damn, this guy is tall.” It was 2012 and musician Thornley – of bands Big Wreck and Thornley – had just walked into the executive office where Tasson worked at the time. Tasson, Head of Music Marketing, was struck by his six-foot-four frame – and his good looks. “I’m never agitated by people, and I remember being very agitated,” Tasson says.

Thornley, for his part, was immediately intimidated by the funny and intelligent Tasson. But Thornley was a client – and he and Tasson were dating other people at the time – so their relationship initially developed as a professional. They texted each other occasionally, sending each other memes and jokes, and when Tasson took a job at another company a few years later, they stayed in touch.

In 2016, when they both got single, they started talking more often and developed crushes. One night when Thornley invited Tasson to watch “Game of Thrones,” they admitted their attraction, and a romance quickly evolved. As they spent more time together, they marveled at the silly things they had in common — they hate tomatoes and mushrooms and can’t stand the noise of people chewing — and joked around. non-stop. “There was a great foundation of trust and friendship in place for a very real relationship to blossom,” says Thornley. “It was almost uninterrupted laughter, love and pure joy.”

After a year and a half, the couple moved in together and in 2018 they bought a house. Thornley has a daughter, Sophia, from a previous relationship, and Tasson has also become close with her. Then, in 2019, the couple welcomed a son, Beau. When Tasson was eight months pregnant, a close friend of Thornley died. In their grief, they began to reflect on what was important to them, including their relationship. They decided to get engaged.

They exchanged vows in front of a few immediate family members.

“It was just fine,” Tasson says. “Ian understands me. I know I can be a complicated person, but Ian is always patient, understanding and compassionate, and I like that about him.

At first, the pandemic and the exhaustion of having a newborn at home delayed their wedding preparations. But at the start of 2022, the couple felt ready to get back to planning. Although neither of them is a fan of crowds, they found the idea of ​​reuniting all their loved ones attractive, especially after years of confinement. Yet they knew they wanted to keep the day simple, low-stress, and low-cost. They approached a friend who owns Boehmer — a spacious French-inspired restaurant on the Ossington Strip — to host their ceremony and reception there, and he was thrilled to host them one evening in June.

Horshack, a cover band led by Chris Caddell, provided some of the music.

For decorations, the couple purchased vases from Value Village and filled them with aquarium rocks and dried flowers from a local florist. They decided to forgo many of the typical wedding frills. They didn’t have cake and didn’t even exchange rings. Instead, to commemorate the occasion, they got a “T” tattooed on their ring fingers a week after they got married.

On the day of the wedding, before most of the guests had arrived, the couple said their vows quickly in front of a few immediate family members. “The whole thing took about five minutes,” Tasson says, “and my son was jumping on my dress the whole time, insisting it was a trampoline.”

Boehmer, on Ossington Avenue, hosted the ceremony and reception.

After their official wedding, it was time for their approximately 125 guests to eat, dance and party. Tasson enjoyed watching loved ones at different stages of their lives together in the same room. “It was so fun to see, for example, my Scottish uncle hanging out with Ian’s high school friends,” she says. Friends also provided the music: Big Wreck bandmate Chris Caddell played with his cover band Horshack, then DJ Blush kept the crowd dancing all night long.

Thornley remains just as impressed with his wife as the day he first met her. “I have a lot of great memories from our wedding, but the one I cherish the most is just watching Tyler move around the room making everyone feel welcome and happy,” he says. “I could feel her lighting up any part of the room she was in.”

The bride and groom both had "J" tattooed on ring finger.


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