Bangladeshi restaurant manager lives opposite Alexander Stadium – and can’t wait for Brum 2022

A restaurant manager in Harborne thinks the town will be “buzzing” when Brum hosts the Commonwealth Games this summer. Abdul Hoque was the manager of Umami, an Indian restaurant for eight years, and has lived in Birmingham most of his life.

With the Commonwealth Games just months away, Birmingham is well on its way to preparing for the biggest Games ever. Birmingham Festival 2022 is already underway after being kicked off by the captivating ‘Wondrous Stories’.

Abdul was born in Sylhet, Bangladesh, before moving to England as a child. Ahead of the Commonwealth Games, Abdul revealed he is looking forward to the huge event and has already chosen who he will support between England and Bangladesh.

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“Both,” he said. I spent almost my whole life here. I will look at the English athletes, but deep down inside me it’s Bangladesh.

“Actually, I live opposite the Alexander Stadium. I’m happy to see what’s going on there, I’m quite passionate about athletics.

Abdul Hoque: “They will see a lot of people entering the city. The place will buzz. »

“There is a lot of enthusiasm for the new station, my daughter is already ready to get started. She commutes to Walsall and Birmingham city center every morning, so she is excited about the new station.

“Personally, I’m looking forward to the Commonwealth Games. If you see it firsthand, you get a lot closer to it because I know my kids will see it firsthand.

“They will see a lot of people coming into the city. The place will buzz. »

Abdul was keen to congratulate his Punjab chef Mandeep Bajwa, a graduate of the Institute of Hotel Management in Hyderabad. And in a city famous for its Indian cuisine, Abdul spoke of the appeal of Umami.

“Umami is a distinctive Indian restaurant. I know there are a lot of restaurants in Birmingham,” he said. “Birmingham is sometimes known as the Balti Triangle. But we are not a balti restaurant.

“You get the real flavors of authentic Indian cuisine. If you are looking for Indian food this is the place to be.

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