Albatross Great Yarmouth Italian Restaurant Review 2022

7:00 p.m. July 21, 2022

Albatross Italian Restaurant has been an institution in Great Yarmouth for as long as I can remember.

After a relaxed stroll along the Golden Mile with my partner, this was the perfect place to visit on a Saturday evening.

Albatross Italian is located on Regent Road in Great Yarmouth.
– Credit: James Weeds

We had worked up an appetite and apparently there were lots of other people as the restaurant was packed when we entered.

The servers definitely had their work cut out for them, but as soon as we entered we were greeted with a smile and shown to our seats. Despite the crowds, the restaurant was relaxed and the sounds of Luciano Pavarotti helped transport us to the Mediterranean.

To start, I ordered a classic Italian prawn cocktail – coppa di gamberetti (£5.95) – and my partner the calamari (£5.95).

Coppa di gamberetti from the Italian Albatros

A good coppa di gamberetti from Albatross Italian in Great Yarmouth.
– Credit: James Weeds

The shrimp cocktail was served on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes and the Marie Rose sauce was deep and tangy. I put on a bit of a show by smacking my lips after each bite.

The calamari was served in a tomato and basil sauce. The calamari was firm and chewy and the basil lifted the tangy tomato base. My partner said it was like a “starter for the summer”.

Also Napolitano calamari served at Albatross Italian in Great Yarmouth.

Also Napolitano calamari served at Albatross Italian in Great Yarmouth.
– Credit: James Weeds

For main course, I was tempted by the angello a la dolce vita – lamb, rosemary, onion and parsley (£17.95) – with fresh vegetables. My partner ordered the cannelloni piacentina – pasta with spinach, ricotta and bechamel sauce (£11.95) – which came highly recommended.

Angello la dolce vita

The sauce for the Angello a la dolce vita was simply delicious at Albatross Italian in Great Yarmouth.
– Credit: James Weeds

The lamb was well cooked and the amount of rosemary complemented the juicy meat. The sauce was especially tasty – I smothered the vegetables in it. There was a bit too much butter on the cauliflower, but mixed into the sauce, it was still good.

The cannelloni were rich and creamy. Now it was my partner’s turn to lip smack. I asked if I could give it a try and was refused – so I concluded the recommendation was well deserved.

For dessert we ordered a tiramisu (£5.95) and a lemon and lime cheesecake (£5.95).

“You’re very lucky,” the waitress told me. “The cheesecake is very popular and we only have one slice left.”

Lemon and lime cheesecake

Lemon and lime complement the creamy cheese in this cheesecake from Albatross Italian in Great Yarmouth.
– Credit: James Weeds

I apologize if someone ordered it after me – but again, I’m not sorry because it was delicious. The combination of lemon and lime cuts through the creamy cheese. The biscuit base was well formed and just right.

The tiramisu was rich and refreshing. It was a bit of a small portion, but it was very good and definitely worthy of being served in an authentic Italian restaurant.


The tiramisu portion of Albatross Italian in Great Yarmouth was a little small, but still good.
– Credit: James Weeds

To top off the meal we indulged in an Amaretto coffee (£6.95) each and the waitress said she would do it with extra care as she loves making coffees.

Coffee was something else. A deep, dark Americano with a clot of cream on top. It was so beautiful that I almost forgot to drink it. When I took a sip, it barely lasted. The Italian liqueur mixed so well with the rich coffee and it was a perfect ending to a great meal.

Amaretto Cafe at Albatross Italian, Great Yarmouth.

Amaretto Cafe at Albatross Italian, Great Yarmouth.
– Credit: James Weeds


Albatross is located along Regent Road so plenty of parking along Wellesley Road and other areas nearby. It’s very close to the seafront, so it’s perfect as a place to go after a walk along the seafront.


As the restaurant was crowded, there was a bit of a wait. But the staff were exceptionally pleasant and apologized for the delays.


We paid £85.10 for the two of us and with the amount we got we thought it was reasonable.

The bill included a £17.50 bottle of Pinot Grigio Blush.

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