African guard threatens restaurant manager with toy gun and flees with 430,000 Dhs

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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a 31-year-old African man, working as a restaurant guard, to one year in prison followed by deportation for theft. The court also ordered the confiscation of the toy gun used by the defendant.

The accused stole 430,000 Dhs from an Asian restaurant manager by threatening to kill him with a toy gun. He was later arrested with part of the amount in his possession.

The case dates back to December last year when the restaurant manager filed a complaint that he had been robbed by a guard working in his restaurant.

The restaurant manager testified that the guard entered his office to receive his salary but in the meantime he brandished a gun while showing him a message in Chinese on his mobile phone saying he did not want to use violence or kill him but just wanted him money.

The complainant went on to say that the guard forcibly pulled a bag containing 430,000 Dhs from the hand of an employee working in the accounts section after threatening her with a gun and fled although the employee and his colleague did their best to stop him. to escape.

A police officer testified that a team of detectives arrived at the restaurant and after gathering findings they discovered that the guard had threatened the manager and the employee with a plastic gun and fled, but he then was caught with 21,000 Dhs in his possession.

The defendant confessed that the amount he had was part of an amount he stole from a restaurant he worked for. He also confessed to giving the rest of the sum to another man from his home country to send to his family.

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