“a simple and guilt-free pleasure”

From humble beginnings in Ancoats in 2015, Rudy’s has launched a nationwide takeover with restaurants in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool and Sheffield.

This is their fifth restaurant opening in Manchester, a testament to their continued success.

Although designed in Manchester, the restaurant operates under strictly Neapolitan conditions, serving iconic Italian flavors such as Marinara, Margherita and Calabrese.

They opened on October 22 on the site of the former Mad Giant Food Hall.

Decor is simple, unpretentious with walls adorned with artwork and famous Italian product brands we’ve all come to know and love.

Outside, the restaurant also has a lovely veranda where you can make the most of the rarely seen sunshine. Why not buy an aperol and pretend to be in Naples?

Rudy’s is all about the food and the main event, the pizza.

Extremely friendly table staff were on hand to tell us about Rudy’s offerings, helpful and warm which added to the overall experience.

We talked about their favorite pizzas and how the manager was ‘forced’ to try every pizza on the menu for two days – I could definitely think of worse things to do.

The atmosphere lent itself to a social, lively yet relaxed experience with low-volume classic tunes providing a background buzz among the chatter of patrons.

The restaurant’s clientele was varied, young parents with their children, business meetings, students. The ubiquitous appeal of the place is a testament to the caliber of their food.

Arriving at the table we are offered two beers, the Menabreas, with citrus and floral notes. Their drinks menu is almost exclusively made up of carefully selected Italian products.

I ordered the Cinghiale, garnished with: San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, wild boar salame, ‘njuda, roquito peppers, parmesan, fresh chili, artichoke hearts, basil and olive oil ev.

My colleague ordered a white pizza, without tomato sauce, called Porchetta. It was topped with: For the di latte, roasted porchetta, sage roasted potatoes, smoked mozzarella, caramelized white onions, cracked black pepper and rosemary oil.

Porchetta and the Cinghiale

Rudy’s prides itself on its Capulio 00 dough, which is left to ferment for 24 hours.

It is then baked in the restaurant’s focal point, the huge, bright red Stefano Ferrara oven, for just 60 seconds.

The result is a soft and light pizza, with the perfect cornicione or crust.

The pizzas didn’t last long, despite their generous size (14″) and the attention to ingredients is evident from the first bite.

San Marzano tomatoes from fields in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius and beautifully creamy mozzarella from Fior di Latte add to the pleasure of a near-perfect pizza.

The ‘njuda and wild boar salame on my pizza was mouth watering, and trying a slice of my fellow Porchetta, left me wishing I could try a few other pizzas on the menu.

You can enhance the flavors of the pizza with a range of aioli with njuda (spicy Italian sausage), chili honey and garlic dips.

And for €10.90? Considering you would pay £20 for something “similar” at Dominoes, the price of these pizzas is unparalleled for what you receive.

If you’re really hungry, why not treat yourself to a burrata to warm you up (£7.25) with vine tomatoes, wild rocket and home baked bread.

For the more carnivorous, you can sample the Campana (£10.50) for two for a kick-off – buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto crudo, salame finocchiona, picante salami and wild boar salame, wild arugula, oven-dried tomato and homemade bread.

Rudy’s also offers a Veggie Campana (£10.50) with vegetarian bufala, roasted peppers and artichokes, toasted almonds, mixed olives, wild arugula, oven-dried tomatoes and homemade bread.

There are two vegan pizza options: the Marinara (£5.90) ​​(tomato, garlic, oregano, basil and olive oil) and the Merido (£10.25) (white pizza, vegan mozzarella topped with butternut squash, red onion, sun-dried tomato). , green chilli, oregano and chilli flakes).

The drinks menu offers apertivos (aperol spritz £7.30, Negroni £7.20), white, rosé and red wine (£4.60 to £6.20 per glass), Prosecco and Rose Prosecco (£6.10) to a range of lagers, pales and ciders. There are also alcohol-free options for designated drivers.

If you’re looking for a pudding to complete the experience, you can order Gelato (V) (One scoop £2.50, Two scoops £4.00), Tartufo (V) (£4.00), Affrogato (V) ( £4.50) and Tiramisu (V) (£4.90).

All in all, Rudy’s is simple, guilt-free fun. The ingredients and the cooking method have lasted through the generations for good reason. They are tall.

It makes for a really enjoyable experience. Quality ingredients are worth a quality pizza.

Many restaurants seem to lose focus as they seek to grow and dominate a market, but Rudy’s continues to do what it does and does it very, very well.

You can see the full menu by clicking here.

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