9 places to get a Montreal brunch under $30

Sometimes all you need is a good brunch with the boys. Unfortunately, this friendliest meal can tend to be expensive, especially if you’re looking for quality. Montreal has a host of restaurants where you can have brunch, but finding the perfect spot on a budget can be tricky. Not anymore! This list rounds up some of the best affordable brunches in town, for anyone not ready to ditch a day’s work on two coffees and a loaded crepe.

To make it onto this hallowed list, every restaurant has to be affordable enough to get a good meal AND a good drink. You can’t force the girls to choose between a mimosa and an egg bennie. It’s just not done.

Fortunately, these 9 spots give you the budget room to invest in a good mocha to wash down your waffles. Each restaurant is listed with an average price – it’s the cost of a mid-range dish plus a delicious drink chosen at random. This is approximate and your mileage may vary. Let’s go.


Price: ~$24

Where: 345 Villeray Street

Why you should go: Meson offers a range of breakfast entrees, including loaded French toast and topped patatas bravas. If you want a slightly more adventurous mid-morning wake up call, they also offer a Galician-style minced octopus with poached eggs. All this, for less than $30 before taxes.


Old St-Laurent

Price: $24

Where: 3993, boul. Saint-Laurent

Why you should go: This popular breakfast spot offers a huge variety, which is a godsend for some and a hellish gauntlet of choice for me. Getting a full plate of bacon, eggs, home fries and a side dish plus a homemade smoothie won’t even cost $25.


Bloom Cafe

Price: $18.50

Where: 1940 Center Street

Why you should go: From a bowl of tofu and Japanese rice to an egg spinach concoction, this brunch spot offers a more limited menu that doesn’t compromise on quality. If you want a merguez breakfast and a good 11am cider, you’ve come to the right place.


at Arthur’s

Price: $25

Where: 4621 Notre Dame Street West

Why you should go: Another high-quality spot with a relatively short menu, Arthur’s offers breakfast fare with a Levantine twist, including a savory shakshuka for $20. In the budget brunch range, it’s more of a splurge, but it’s popular for a reason!



Price: $29

Where: 359 Sainte-Catherine Street West; 2055 Peel St.

Why you should go: With a huge menu and an equally grand interior, this restaurant is a great place for large groups. Universel serves a wide range of eggs benedict, waffles, omelettes, and breakfast sandwiches — and the booze options aren’t too bad either.


wolf and worker

Price: $30

Where: 139 Saint-Paul Street West

Why you should go: A more expensive spot on this list, relatively speaking, Wolf and Workman is known for its brunch options, which include blueberry and bacon pancakes and a full English breakfast. Add a cocktail and the price goes up, but not beyond our limit, if you’re a bit crafty – and sources say it’s worth it.


Cafe Regine

Price: $27

Where: 1840 Beaubien Street E

Why you should go: Another favorite of the whole city, Café Régine offers luxurious meals for meat lovers and vegetarians. Their sweet options, including strawberry brioche French toast and a small fruit waffle, look just as appetizing as their slightly wider range of savory dishes. If you like cheese croissants or poached eggs with mushrooms, this is the place.


Nice Cafe

Price: $30

Where: 4126 Ste-Catherine Street West

Why you should go: This Italian breakfast restaurant offers both beautiful plates and delicious cocktails, the perfect combination for brunch! Some of the entrees go up in price, but on the cheaper side there’s a baked Italian omelet loaded with veggies and cheeses and a gourmet breakfast sandwich with truffle scrambled eggs (!!) . Gentile sits on the line between affordable and upscale, and it’s worth a visit to see what life might be like on the other side.


Brewery 701

Price: $29

Where: 701, Côte de la Place d’Armes

Why you should go: This egg-based menu has all the classics, plus expensive (??) foie gras French toast and more reasonably priced chicken and waffles. If you’re willing to spend a little more, there’s a mimosa bar open for $29 per person. It might be against the spirit of this list, but it’s absolutely in the spirit of a fabulous girls’ brunch. Only you can say what matters most.


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