2022 Choice Shipper Profile: Tractor Supply Co.

Presented by FreightWaves, in partnership with TriumphPay, the Shipper of Choice award recognizes manufacturers, distributors and retailers who do the best job of keeping the US economy moving by fighting driver detention, providing accessible facilities and understanding what it takes to eliminate supply chain inefficiencies.

Among the top 25 best shippers for 2021 is . . . Tractor Supply Co.

About Tractor Supply Co.

Headquarter Brentwood, TN
2021 turnover $12.73 billion
Net income 2021 $997.1 million
Choice sender history First impression

Tractor Supply Co. was founded by Charles E. Schmidt Sr., who started a tractor parts mail-order business from his kitchen table at his home in Chicago in 1938. Today, the company has more than 2,000 stores in 49 states and is one of the largest operators of rural lifestyle retail stores in the United States.

Tractor Supply’s logistics and transportation philosophy centers on trust from a core group of transportation providers, said Erick Osburn, the company’s vice president of transportation.

“Our philosophy at TSC is to create long-term, strategic partnerships with our carriers,” Osburn told FreightWaves. “We are keeping our network size compact and offering major carriers that have performed well over time the opportunity to grow with us. We don’t tender our entire network every year – we prefer to keep incumbents in place when service is strong and pricing is in line with the market. We have found this philosophy mutually beneficial and appreciated by our partners.

This year’s Shipper of Choice award winners were chosen from nearly 400 companies nominated by FreightWaves readers on social media.

Candidates for Shipper of Choice responded to a survey covering operational data, including dwell times, overages/shortages and damages, hours of operation, communication protocols and facility attributes, including availability of showers, bathrooms and rest rooms for drivers.

“Tractor Supply Co. is doing everything we can to keep drivers driving by minimizing wait times at our distribution centers and stores,” Osburn said. “We regularly review and update our processes and signage to make entering and exiting our fulfillment centers as efficient as possible.”

Osburn said stores are always ready “for their freight and can usually unload a trailer in less than an hour and drivers don’t need to help with unloading.”

He added: “We have also shared the importance of providing a great truck driver experience with our entire supplier base, as they are an extension of our brand. »

Tractor Supply also provides driver-friendly facilities, such as restrooms.

“Each fulfillment center and store has its own version of driver-friendly facilities and amenities, but drivers are always welcome to use our restrooms, grab a coffee or snack for themselves and can almost always count on a treat. for their four-legged friend. pilots when under tow,” said Osburn. “We are Tractor Supply Co. after all.”

Tractor Supply sells up to 20,000 products at each of its outlets, ranging from work and leisure wear to lawn and garden tools, housewares, fencing, truck beds, chicken coops , pet food and farm animal feed.

With such a diverse product line, shipments can take place at different times of the day and night. Keeping schedules flexible for carriers to ship is a key goal, Osburn said.

“Our job sites and distribution center operations are open 24/7,” Osburn said. “We have worked with many of our suppliers to support overnight and weekend pick-ups and operations as well.”

At each Tractor Supply distribution center location, truck parking solutions vary based on physical limitations, but new locations are expected to include more semi-trailer parking spaces.

“The company is opening three new fulfillment centers over the next 36 months and each will consider parking and amenities for our drivers to use onsite,” Osburn said.

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